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The Joy of Giving

There are several programs that you can select to make your donations with the certainty that your contribution will be destined to the program/activity that you have chosen to support.

Shelton New Headquarters Academy

We will relocate our premises to a bigger and more attractive facility a few blocks away from our current location. This new project includes a renovated school building with innovative designs and cutting edge classrooms, labs, a chapel, recreation areas, and a variety of sports facilities including a new pool, competitive basketball, volleyball courts, sports field, and a gym. Join us in this new project!

Scholarship Program

The Foundation offers scholarships to 60 students and wishes to increase this number for the following year. We support all students through a mentoring program and an interdisciplinary approach focused on the formation, which enriches their academic experience and personal growth. Support a child’s tuition!

Youth Orchestra

The Foundation is honored to cover all the expenses derived from the school youth orchestra for students to thrive in their musical learning experience. We need your help to continue expanding our orchestra through the purchase of new instruments and personalized music lessons to its members.

Speakers Program

Shelton Academy Education Foundation covers all the expenses of the “speakers’ program” to enrich our community with speeches, debates, and activities organized by experts from different disciplines to interact with families, students, and staff. Support this program with your donation!

Shelton Virtual Institute

The Shelton Virtual Institute is a digital platform that serves as an academic and community development vehicle. We offer educational online content to people from various backgrounds. Our courses focus on personal, professional, and spiritual enhancement.

Our Allies

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Museo de la Universidad de Navarra
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