Our Projects


The Shelton Academy Education Foundation gives scholarships to families with limited economic resources who believe in our distinctive education for their children. We support all students through a mentoring program and an interdisciplinary approach focused on the formation, which enriches their academic experience and personal growth.

The Foundation currently provides scholarships to over 60 students and we hope to grow this number in the coming years. We are thankful to the many donors who have already supported Shelton Academy students’ academic success and invite many others to join.

Shelton Virtual Institute

The Shelton Virtual Institute is a digital platform that depends on the Shelton Academy Education Foundation and serves as an academic and community development vehicle. We offer educational online content to people from various backgrounds. Our courses focus on personal, professional, and spiritual enhancement.

We currently offer the following courses: Latin, Bible Studies, Classic Culture, Innovation at Hand, Create and Grow programs. We have plans to continue expanding the number of courses offered. Most of the courses are Free for the public. If you wish to receive information on the courses that we offer please feel free to visit our website: https://sheltonvirtual.com/

Youth Orchestra and Choir

Shelton Academy Education Foundation formed its own youth orchestra in 2020. This project was created to give talented students the opportunity to be part of an exciting initiative. The Foundation is happy to cover all the expenses derived from this activity and allow students to thrive in their musical learning experience.

The orchestra is composed of

• 5 Violins

• 2 Violas

• 2 Cellos

• 2 Flutes

• 2 Clarinets

• 1 Trumpet


The Choir is composed of 17 Shelton Academy students from 7-14 years old.

Speakers Programs

We seek to create awareness in our community through dialogue. Shelton Academy Education Foundation sponsors a program to bring speakers from different disciplines to interact with families, students, and staff. This program allows our community to understand different perspectives and strive to develop personal, spiritual, and ethical growth as well as critical thinking.

Our speakers come from various areas of expertise:

• Maria Teresa Torres The Importance of Art to Generation Z

• Dr. Belinda Leon The Pathway to College Starts Now

• Joseangel Dominguez How to Regain Parental Authority

• Cristina Gomez El reto de educar a nuestros hijos

• Antonio Espinosa Becoming an entrepreneur

• Charo Sabada Understanding Generation Z


Marvel. Illuminate. Notice. Dream. Share.

MINDS is one of our Signature Programs that focuses on human anthropology designed to grant our students the opportunity to learn how civilization and expression of its culture are interconnected with art history, music, and architecture. MINDS has been created in collaboration with the Prado Museum and the Museum of the University of Navarra in Spain.

The objective of this program is to foster the love of art and culture through interesting and dynamic classes that have been strategically adapted to fit each grade level appropriately. The history of art will be reinforced through projects made by children using their creativity and imagination. The curriculum for this initiative has been awarded by the Prado Museum and adapted specifically for Shelton Academy.

The Foundation is honored to sponsor this program and all of the expenses derived from this activity.

MIA Special Needs Center

Last September 4, Mia Escobedo passed away due to a respiratory failure, after battling like a warrior. This beautiful girl was 6 years old and although she was born with a special condition of spina bifida, she always had a smile on her face, touching the hearts of thousands of people who had the pleasure of meeting her. She taught us to appreciate the small things in life; to be grateful and give love to everyone.

Shelton Academy Education Foundation, together with her parents, family, and friends, is raising funds to develop the MIA Special Needs Center, a place where children with difficulties can study in an environment of love and integration according to their rhythm and abilities. With a team of specialists, we will be able to provide to our students a safe environment filled with fun and opportunities!

Help Shelton Academy build the MIA Special Needs Center, a step to make this a more inclusive and loving world. 

Remember your donation is tax-deductible. We will send a Donation Acknowledgement Letter for tax record purposes. Thank you again for your generosity!

Mia Escobedo

Mia Escobedo