Shelton Academy’s mentoring program begins from the time the student enters the school. A trained faculty member is assigned to each child, to follow and guide them for the entirety of their student life. The mentors provide not only academic and spiritual guidance, but also help each child to fulfill their individual potential. 


 We teach our students those good habits that make up and shape character, the perennial virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude. In our comprehensive “virtue education”, we don’t just stay at the level of definitions but rather work to see every single program activity as a “teaching moment,” as an opportunity to teach our students how to live virtuously. 

These opportunities arise whether we’re working meticulously through lower, middle and the high school, or learning to think three moves ahead in a chess game, acting in the drama club, admiring and analyzing a work of art, or even getting in touch with the natural world on a trip to the Florida everglades. At the end of the day we’re looking to form character through these activities.


  Because the virtues—these good habits—have been proven to lead men and women to genuine happiness and “true success” beyond the wall of the school. Ultimately, students leave Shelton not only with academic achievement, but also the character to face obstacles in life and take them as opportunities to grow and thrive.

To work on building habits, each week that a student comes to the school, there’s time set aside and protected for one-on-one mentoring. At every mentoring session, our students complete a set of worksheets which we call the “Character Mirror”. These worksheets are surveys that get the student to reflect and see for himself how he measures up against the same set of ideals from week to week. 

We’ve found that through regular and personal mentoring conversations we can inspire and challenge our students to grow in character. It is only in collaborating closely with parents, our student’s primary educators, that this work of character education is possible and successful in the long-run. The mentoring program is funded through the Shelton Academy Educational Foundation.


 At Shelton Academy we seek to create awareness in our community, through dialogue, to understand perspectives other than their own, as they strive to develop as spiritual, ethical, and critical global thinkers.

In support of this pursuit, Shelton Academy Education Foundation sponsors a program to bring speakers from different disciplines and areas of expertise, like authors, researchers, and scientists, to interact with our faculty, students and parents. The speaker program interaction with our school academic activity enhances and completes the Shelton Academy experience.